I Like Pie


These are cherry pies that our family still talks about.  They were baked by my brother-in-law (who is an amazing cook) for our family reunion a few years ago. We came together in Michigan from all over the US including Oregon, Washington, and California. Everyone, children and adults, pitched in to help.  We all picked the sour cherries during an outing to a local cherry orchard, and then watched the amazing machine that pitted the cherries. We took them home, Stephan baked them and we ate them with vanilla ice cream after a BBQ dinner and games of croquet and badminton on the lawn. Food can be more than sustenance. It can foster memories that can last a lifetime.

One thought on “I Like Pie

  1. I will add that that exceptional pastry flour from Westwind Milling Co. (visible in the background) had a not insignificant role to play, too!

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